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    Job Opportunity

    Regional sales manager is wanted.

    Job Responsibilities:
    - Set sales target.
    - Develop and maintain customers through internet, and business shows.
    - Keep track of sales orders, including making the export documents, and follow the shipment and payment.
    - Contact the suppliers when needed.
    - Promote products.
    - Making the trend analysis of oversea market.
    - Follow existing customers to win continuous orders.
    - Make analysis of the competitors.

    Job Requirements:
    - College degree or above majoring in trading or English.
    - Fluency in English both in verbal and oral communication is a MUST.
    - CET 6 is a MUST.
    - Working experience is preferred. Experience in international trading is a Plus.
    - Proficiency in Microsoft Office package, particularly Word, Excel.

    Personality requirments for the Job:
    - Of good virtues
    - Fast and willing to learn
    - Patient, aborative, enjoy what he/she does.
    - Teamwork Spirit
    - Ability to work independently and diligently, willing to meet challenges
    - Solid interpersonal skills and communication skills
    - Have clear career plans, willing to be employed in long term.

    Spanish, Germany, French, Arabic is a plus

    Send your CV to: Recruitment@tnr-international.com


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