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    ST(Special Trailer) tires

    What is a ST tire?
    ST is the short form for "Special Trailer", on the sidewall of this type of tire, you will usually see: " FOR TRAILER SERVICE ONLY".

    Why do I have to use a ST tire?
    1. The side wall of a Special Trailer (ST) tire is built stiffer and more durable than a same-size passenger type of tire. This construction enable it performs much better in a trailer position when sway happens a lot. 
    2. Special Trailer (ST) tire doesn't need to grip like automore tires, therefore the tread depth of a ST tire could be shallower, which can prevent heat-up of the tire. 
    3. Special Trailer (ST) tire tires generally offer approx. 10% more load capacity than a similar LT tire and nearly 40% more than a passenger tire.

    There are 2 types of trailer tires.
    C Radial trailer tires are recommended for smooth ride
    Application:  Highway, city road 
    C Cross-ply (Bias)  trailer tires are recommended for tough, rugged performance 
    Application:  construction, agriculture, and marine. 

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